Feroza Cushion

Regular price AED230.00

This  soft silk and wool cushion is made from a handwoven Tussar Silk & Wool Dhabdo Shawl with traditional motifs. Tussar Silk, also referred to as ‘Wild Silk’, is a remarkable thread obtained from a strain of beautiful wide-winged Emperor Moths. Mainly produced in India, Tussar is highly valued for its natural gold colours. Producing Tussar Silk is a rural art, and traditionally it was the women of the rural and tribal areas who were trained in weaving silk out of cocoons. Now a popular and in demand textile, Tussar Silk has become a staple with customers and designers worldwide.

The cushion is proudly sewn here in the UAE

Size : 45cm x 45cm

  • Care Instructions

    Do not wash

    Dry clean only. Spot clean if needed.

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