Terracotta Serving Dish with Wooden Lid

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Terracotta dishes work as beautifully as they look. They work very well for simmering, slow cooking, roasting, frying, baking and boiling. Terracotta dishes can be used to serve meals straight from the oven to the dinner table.

Terracotta distributes heat evenly making it ideal for baking in.

This dish is also ideal for making yogurt in. When you make yogurt in terracotta utensils, it absorbs the water, making the yogurt thick and creamy in taste.


 Before you make its debut, soak Terracotta overnight so it’s good to go. Wash it with a mild detergent and dry it before each use. And it’s ready for ovens, microwaves, serving. It can't be used for cooking on flame or on induction.