Artisanally designed and crafted, our products are sustainable and ethical, and are curated especially for you. Our customer is creative-minded, who appreciates quality, craftsmanship and detail. To them, Curate Home is a medium of exploration and expression- a glimpse into what could be. 

We at Curate believe that a home should be a sanctuary, whether its where you relax or work out of. We want to inspire you to design a space that reflects your personality and in doing so, creating your own comfort zone. In this current age of consumerism and mass-manufacturing, Curate is an oasis of inimitability. 

We don’t want you to choose between shopping at a value and shopping for your values. We hold ourselves to the highest level of quality to always guarantee our customers unrivalled luxury. Our products support slow and ethical living, and are crafted by the hands of  artisans. We see and respect the detail and beauty in their work and we hope you will too. At Curate, we ensure fair wages for all our artisans, so they are compensated justly for their skill. 

Each of our pieces has a unique story woven into it. We hope you find yours here too.

Our Story

Curate Home was conceptualised years ago, in the dreams and whimsy of our founder, Neeti Tandon Kashyap, as a bridge to combine beauty and conscious living.

Growing up in the 80's and 90's, in the pre-mass consumerism years she was enthralled by the multitude of textiles and crafts India produced, when each home and wardrobe was artfully curated from small local craft stores and darzis. 

After completing a degree in Economics, she went on to follow her passion and majored at the National Institute of Fashion Technology.

Thereafter she worked for several years with manufacturers, textile mills, weavers and printers and as a product development head and sourcing partner for many European and American brands.

Many moons, travels and segues later, she set up Curate Home as a culmination of years of fascination with different cultures and crafts.

At Curate, we aim to bring authentic design, products and responsible sourcing & pricing strategies to our customers.

Our artisans are at the heart of what we do and we hope to keep ancient crafts alive while balancing modern living.


Neeti Kashyap
Neeti Tandon Kashyap