Chikankari Dinner Placemats & Napkins
Chikankari Dinner Placemats & Napkins

Chikankari Dinner Placemats & Napkins

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Chikankari is a traditional embroidery style from Lucknow, India. Translated, the word means embroidery (thread or wire), and it is one of Lucknow's best known textile decoration styles. 

Chikankari may have existed in India in the 3rd century BC ,as Megasthenes refers to ‘flowered muslin’ in his writing. But the art of white floral embroidery was lost until revived in the Moghul courts in the 16/17th century. It is possible it was done under the aegis of Nur Jahan, who was a patron of the arts.
It seems to have originated in Bengal, but in time the karigars (artisans)  migrated to Lucknow where they were patronised by the Nawabs of Oudh.
The art was influenced by the jaalis of Persian and Moghul architecture and the name may be derived from ‘chick’ or window covering.

These dinner napkins and placemats are a work of art and patience taking the artisan days to embroider by hand using a white thread on a crisp white cotton fabric.
Each set has a unique and different design which may be different than the one in the image.
Sold as a set of 4 placemats and napkins.

100% Cotton.
Machine wash cold on a  gentle cycle.