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47 products

Top quality bedspreads and throw blankets to style your bed.

Home is a sanctuary you come back to every day. Each corner of the house plays an equally important role in offering relief and restoration. The bedroom is the most important room which provides the ultimate escape and assures utmost comfort and peace, it is crucial to ensure a bedroom décor that complements the vibe and keeps the heart at ease. Since the bedroom has everything to do with the quality of sleep and rest, enhancing its overall vibe and ambience with a high-quality bedspread and throw blankets are the ideal way to improve aesthetics and enhance the quality of sleep.


Regardless of the type of bed, a comfortable and stylish throw blanket or bedspread set adds oomph, making the space more peaceful and calming. Our range of versatile bed spread sets, throws and blankets online makes the right choice to elevate the design in your bedroom with elegance and comfort simultaneously.

Unlock next-level comfort and peaceful sleep

To ensure peaceful sleep for the utmost comfort and peace, it is crucial to select the bedding thoughtfully. Adding an elegant bedspread and throw to the space makes it more soothing and will help you rest your senses and relax. The environment plays a pivotal role in determining the quality of sleep. It also ensures good health, whether physical, mental, or emotional.

Just upgrading throws and blankets on your bed changes the vibe of the room and transforms the aura of the bed space to soothing and calm. An exclusive collection of sofa cushions, bedspreads, blankets, and throws makes the room look stunning, pleasing, and aesthetically rich and brings comfort and peace. Enhancing the overall vibe, every piece of bedding at Curate homes is unique, thoughtfully created, and elegant. Unlock the next comfort level and light up your space with charm and beauty.

A stunning centrepiece for your bedroom

From classic to embellished, from loud and bold to minimal and elegant, every bedding style is beautiful and pleasing in its unique way. More like a personal space that determines the level of comfort, bed space is an intimate matter, and thus, it is crucial to balance the vibe between aesthetics and comfort. A bed room replete with comfortable bedding, like throws and bedspreads, promises great comfort, but must be in sync with the room's aesthetics. Highlighting the direct connection between comfort and aesthetics, Curate Homes designs quilts, throws and blankets that assure a positive vibe in all aspects, including an elegant look and a peaceful environment.

Your partner for comfort and aesthetics

Your room décor reflects your personality. Thus, it becomes significant to décorate the space with bedding and accessories that keep the environment warm, comfy, and cosy. Ensuring bed accessories that promise an aesthetically pleasing yet comfortable style, we blend creativity with innovation to offer unique bed solutions. From high-quality natural fabrics quilted or stitched in Kantha stitches in stunning designs to enhance the aesthetics, our exclusive collection of bedspreads, throws, and blankets make your bedroom look exquisite, finely designed, and peaceful.

High quality fabric:

In our collection of bed spreads and cushions, every piece of bedding is made out of high-quality, natural and sustainable materials. From lightweight to soft and cosy, every bed accessory at Curate Home is uniquely designed to provide great comfort and a peaceful sleep. A statement on its own, bedspreads, blankets, and throws are thoughtfully curated to match your bedroom vibe and keep you feeling relaxed.

Range of stunning designs and aesthetically appealing colours:

Our collection of hand-woven bed accessories compliment your bedroom décor beautifully. We work with expert craftspeople who have been practicing their craft for generations. Whether woven or embroidered, each cushion, throw or blanket is artfully manufactured in natural fabrics selected for the weather in the region. Our collection of bedding is sure to satisfy even the fussiest eye.

An exquisite range of blankets and bedspread sets

Quality of sleep is integral to your health and wellness so it is important you get a restful sleep and wake up with renewed energy in the morning made possible with the most comfortable bedding accessories. Design the décor of your bedroom the way you want to with beautiful throws, blankets, and bedspreads. Create your own oasis of calm in your bedroom.

We believe in designing an abode that reflects your personality. Combining hand-woven, and finely embroidered bedding sets, we provide unique pieces designed by skilled artisans, promoting a slow and ethical lifestyle. Buy blankets online from Curate Homes, the oasis of uniqueness and comfortable bedding accessories, and enjoy a sense of calm and restfulness.